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Services and Programs

The HECIS Service comprises of several programs which complement each other.
Families may access more than one service (if appropriate).

Advisory Program

Funded by Education & Communities
  • Support services including screening of speech and language skills, pre-academic/cognitive skills, fine and gross motor skills, social and behavioural development.
  • Suggestions for individualised programs and teaching strategies.
  • Professional support for Early Child Care staff & teachers.
  • Advice and support for parents/families in regards to their child's social, cognitive and emotional skills leading up to their transition into preschool or school.
  • Advice regarding referrals to other professionals and support services.

Early Childhood Intervention Playgroup

Funded by Education & Communities

The HECIS playgroup is staffed by an Early Childhood Education Teacher, Family Support Worker, Speech Therapist along with consultation from a Special Education Coordinator and is open to any parent/carer who is seeking early childhood education supports leading up to a child's transition into a preschool or early learning setting, along with any parents/carers concerned about their child's social, cognitive or emotional development, or if the child has a disability or developmental delay.

The playgroup is held:
Mondays (0-3 yrs) between 10 am and 12 noon

NDIS Participant Plan funded program

Supported by funding from the NDIS
  • A Special Education Support teacher will work on a 1:1 basis with the child and in small groups, as is appropriate, (at the child care service, school, or home) on a regular basis, depending on the identified needs of the child, family and child care staff, being guided by the participant's plan goals.
  • Provides support and assistance to 'build capacity' with families, child care centre staff and others involved in the child's care and learning to increase their knowledge, skills and abilities to support the child in all areas of their life and their environment.