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H.E.C.I.S. (Hawkesbury Early Childhood Intervention Service Inc) was incorporated in December of 1991 and has been providing services to the families and the Child Care Services of the Hawkesbury area ever since.

The purpose of HECIS is to provide:

  • Support and advisory services including speech, language and educational assessments and suggestions for individualised programs.
  • Provide professional support for Preschool or Early Child Care service staff.
  • Advise and support parents/carers seeking early childhood learning support prior to enrolment in a preschool or early learning setting.

  • Provide advice and support regarding referrals to other professionals and/or services where necessary.
  • Provide support and facilitate a successful transition of each individual child into an early childhood education setting.

HECIS Vision and Values

The Staff and Management Committee of Hawkesbury Early Childhood Intervention Service believes in:
  • The right of all children to be provided with a range of services that meet their needs and promote optimal growth and development.
  • The right of all children to have access to early learning and educational experiences prior to enrolment in a preschool or early learning setting.
  • The right of children with special needs to gain access to mainstream services as appropriate for the individual child and for their inclusion into such services to be positively supported and professionally facilitated.
  • The right of families who have a child with special needs to access services available within their own community.
  • The right of children with all abilities to be valued as individuals with strengths and abilities who can contribute to their environment in many positive ways.
  • The right of families to be supported in their parenting role and to be encouraged to have input into their child’s Individual Education Program and the services provided by HECIS.
HECIS Staff facilitate this by:
  • Open communication, sharing of information, ideas and abilities.
  • Engaging in respectful and responsive relationships with client/families and other professionals and agencies.
  • Respecting families personal beliefs, culture and heritage.
  • Being active in their own learning and critically reflect and adjust their practices accordingly.
  • Being committed to achieving best practice, quality outcomes, confidentiality and continuous self- improvement/development.