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HECIS Referral Processes

About our referral process

Who can be referred to HECIS

Any child aged 0-6 years of age who lives in/or attends a preschool or early child care service, family day care setting or school in the Hawkesbury LGA can be referred to HECIS.

When to refer to HECIS

If a parent/carer or child's teacher is concerned about any area of the child's development.

If a child's development in any area causes difficulties in other areas e.g. social interactions and learning.

If a parent/carer is concerned about their child's social, cognitive and emotional skills leading up to their transition into preschool or kindergarten.


How to make a referral to HECIS

A child may be referred to our service by their parent/carer directly, or by the parent/carer of child jointly with the staff of the child care centre or school where the child attends (if applicable).

The referral forms contain several 'consent declarations' which must be signed by all parent/carers with parental repsonsibility for the child.

The Assessment cannot be completed until all parent/carers with parental rights of the child complete the consent declarations.

Parent/Carers wishing to make a direct referral should download and complete the 'Parent/Carer based referral'

Child Care Centres/Schools wishing to make a referral in conjunction with the parent/carer should download and use the 'Centre/School based referral'.

Referral forms can be:

  • emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • posted to 12 Stewart St, South Windsor NSW 2756

How much does it cost?

The HECIS advisory and screening service is a free service to parents/carers.